Hiring a taxi from Dundee To St Andrew is fairly easy these days, as Dundee taxi services offer excellent service to the customers. We are offering a taxi service to the customers for quite some time now. We make sure that the customer who hires us able to travel in a safe and good environment. We listen to the customer when they contact us for the booking or have any questions. For us, it is important to give satisfactory answers to the customers. The main concern of the customer while hiring the service is fare.

They want to make sure that the price is reasonable and fixed. We assure our customers that the price we demand is reasonable and fixed. In our service, there are no hidden charges. The other concern of the customers is that what if the driver takes the long route to take them to the destination. Because in independent taxi service the fare increase. We like to tell our customer that they don’t have to worry if our driver chooses a long route to take you to the destination. You will pay the amount that is decided at the time of booking.

Trained and experienced drivers

We only allow those drivers to pick up the customer that have enough experience. We train our drivers not once but time to time to make sure they stay updated with the latest rules and regulations. While travelling with our drivers, there is no need for you to worry about your safety. We take full responsibility for it. For your satisfaction you can check the license of our driver, they will not mind at all.

Comfortable ride

People hire a taxi service because they want to travel in comfort, which they don’t get into public transport. There they have to travel with random people and have to walk a mile to reach the stop. We pick you up from the door and take you to the exact location. The seats of vehicle our comfortable and you don’t have to face privacy problem. Like, some random person is starring you.

We take you to the location quickly.

We try our best to take you to the location as soon as we can. Our drivers have an idea about the routes. Also, in the cars latest GPS install. It tells them which route is best and have less traffic. You can even hire us for emergency service. We will arrange a ride for you quickly and serve you with the best.

Get options while picking a car.

There are times when people need our taxi service to attend a business meeting. It is when they don’t want to hire a standard car but an executive one. You get an option and pick a car you feel is better for you. If you are travelling with a family and need a car that has more space, you get an option here too.

We like to our customers that the price may differ according to the car model and according to the time, you are hiring a taxi service. For, example, at times when the demand for the taxi is not high, the charges decrease. The charges increase when the demand of the taxi is high and even on public holidays. But there is no need to worry, as the difference is not huge and still better than reasonable from many companies.

Many might think that how we able to provide the service at a minimum price. We like to tell our customers that we keep a close eye on our competitors. This practice not only allows us to become better but help us in providing extraordinary service at a low price.

Other services we offer!

Taxi service is not the only company we offer to our customers. You can also take an airport transfer service from us. It is a service in which people like to hire a company that is punctual; it is what makes us popular among the customers. We keep an eye on the flight schedules and even available at midnight for our customers.

The customers who are coming from abroad always have a doubt. They are worried about security. We make sure that they feel comfortable and enjoy their ride. To make ease for them, we also give a meet and greet service. Everyone has an idea about this service. In this service, the driver waits for you at the airport holding the nameplate. It not only makes it easy for the customer to find the driver but make things easy for the driver too. We also like to tell our customer that don’t worry if your flight delays due to some reason. We know it is not your fault, so, we will not leave you at the airport or cancel your ride. Our driver will wait for you.

Contact us today!

Book our service today if you need a taxi service. The process is also very simple. You just have to give us a call or email us. Our team will give you a response quickly. You can also get the price estimation from us.